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The role of being the best car key service provider is far from easy, we, at mobile auto Locksmith Brighton believe in quality plus efficiency, which with our experience and expertise makes us the best. Our best customers and service managers love the convenience of calling us “The Key Guys” for all their car key needs. One call and you will get fast, reliable, and professional service with the most reasonable charges offered.

The Best Services Our Company Offers Include:

Replace Lost or Stolen Keys
Remove Broken Keys
Replace Batteries
Fix Broken Keys
Program Your Key
Local Auto Locksmith
Cut a New Key /get a Spare (Backup) Key
Transponder Programming
Ignition and Doors Fixed

These are only some of the tasks our team can perform. Adding onto the best rates for these services makes us different from other providers.

How Do We Deliver Car Key Services of Premium Quality?

By staying current with the trend, we comprehend that the automobile service industry has evolved drastically over the years; and arguably, so have the mechanisms used to start and unlock cars. Car keys are a necessary part of driving, but we don’t often stop to think about them or how they work.

As technology continued to progress, transponder keys have then become remote keys; which have buttons on them such as lock, unlock, open trunk, and a car alarm. This allows vehicle owners to unlock their car from a distance and also turn on the alarm in the event something happened, and they needed to alert bystanders.

The newest types of keys, such as smart keys don’t even have to go into a car’s ignition to turn it on. Many cars today now simply require the key to be nearby. They can start with the simple push of a button.

Seeing this, as the best car key service providers, we offer services such as imprint keys for older auto locks. You can provide us with the lock or have our car key services come to you for key impression.

The procedure of utmost care we go by states, finding the correct key blank for your lock first then clamp it in a pair of pliers. From there, the key needs to be shaped by filing it to have a more knife-like edge along the key blade. Then, gently insert the key into the lock and wiggle/rotate the key in the cylinder, and then remove the key.

We Offer Top-notch Car Key Services

We look for little etchings or mark on the key blade left by locks wafers or pins. These etchings are called impressions. Once an impression is identified, we file the key down to simulate a cut. This procedure is repeated over and over very carefully and painstakingly until the key can turn in the lock. Once a rough key is made, we can decode the cuts to re-make the key on a key machine; and then make as many duplicate car keys as you need.

We have years of experience working as Car Key locksmiths. If you’ve lost your car key or are locked out of your car, our team not only is experienced and knowledgeable; but we have also rated 5 stars for customer service.

 Car Key Services – How Our Team Will Help You

Car key replacement is our specialty. While replacing car keys is not science it is a skill learned with years of hands-on experience and research. An example of which, such as newer card use transponder keys, also known as computer chipped keys. The chip in the key talks to the car’s onboard computer. If that chip is not programmed correctly, the car will not turn on. Before that even happens, the key must be cut correctly to turn in the cylinder. Determining the right key cut is no easy task thus we come in those who are already familiar with such ways and can easily find a way around your problem.

Mission Statement By Our Company!

We believe in no limitations in our car key made services. Even If you have a car key without any buttons and or a damaged blade, we will have no problem repairing that as well. We can either repair your car key blade or transfer your information from the last key to a new key if the blade is badly damaged.

Our professional, technique and finesse are excellent and just the quality you need. Our competence also stretches out the car keys with push buttons, which luckily for you, are easily repaired in no time as well. If your buttons are delayed or they do not work completely, bring the key to us straight away and we will fix it. This includes remote central locking, which is no such challenge to repair compared to our effectiveness.

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