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Reasons Why Faulty Keys May Lead To A Car Lock Out

Some of us might have an experience with those exceptional days when we try to ignite our car or even unlock it but to no luck due to a faulty car key. While you are in this kind of a car lock out dilemma, you try to think of the fundamental reasons why your car key is not working. To enable you to get to the root cause of this problem, you will need to know the type of key you own. This can be made possible by an experienced Brighton, MA, locksmith.

Different car models have their set of unique car keys. This knowledge can help you figure out why your key is not working. Below are some other reasons why your car key may fail to function.

Your Car Lock May Be Damaged

Modern cars will rarely experience this type of lockout due to the introduction of the transponder keys and key fobs. However, traditional cars may experience damages in the lock since they require a car key to unlock the door. As you continuously use your key to open your doors, the lock wears down with time leading to a damaged lock in the long run.

Besides, the car lock can also get damaged due to a collision or even accumulation of debris if it is not cleaned correctly. Fortunately, this situation can easily be solved. You can contact an experienced locksmith to help you fix the lock.

Having a Damaged Key

A damaged key does not necessarily mean that your key is broken.   As a result, your key’s grooves no longer match the internal structure of the lock. Regular maintenance prevents keys from wearing out, but if neglected, they can eventually break. This leads to the possibility of a car lockout when your key can no longer work. You can solve this problem by having your key replaced by a professional Brighton, MA, locksmith.

Worn Out Transponder Key Batteries

It is one of the most common instances that are bound to happen eventually to the modern car owner. This problem can easily be diagnosed once you notice that your car is not receiving commands from your transponder key. The solution to this is to replace the dead batteries with the appropriate ones and; therefore, relieving yourself from the possibility of a car lock out.

It is also vital to note that this may not be the only reason your car is not receiving commands from your transponder key. Once you have replaced the batteries and the car is still not responding to commands; then it is advisable to contact a car locksmith.

Your Transponder Key is not Programmed

The key you replaced has not been programmed, so you are locked out of your car. Car keys can now be paired with cars using transmitters, improving security. Traditional keys do not need to be programmed since the car door is unlocked with the physical key.

If your transponder key is not working with your vehicle, then probably it has not yet been programmed. You will require an experienced locksmith to program your transponder key or your key fob to get you out of your lockout situation.

Your Transponder Key May Be Internally Damaged.

For modern cars, unlocking a car solely depends on the communication between the car key and the car. As earlier mentioned, if you have replaced the transponder key batteries and the key is still not working, then it may be internally damaged. This could be caused by an external effect on the key, such as falling hence damaging the internal components.

Besides, it may also be caused by the wearing out of the transponder key or the key fob probably, which manifests through worn out wires. A professional locksmith will be able to fix the transponder key for you or even replace it.

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