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Lock Installation – High-Tech Locks

A lock plays a significant role in the security of your commercial and residential property. A good quality lock is more like a safeguard shield against unwanted persons and intruders. You can keep your valuables and sensitive business data secure by getting lock installation services at Locksmith Brighton company. We operate in Brighton, MA, and its surroundings in order to provide the best quality and advanced lock installation services.

Whether you have traditional locks installed at your office or house or they are broken due to wear and tear, we can help you. Our security expert locksmiths can replace your old locks with advanced smart and electronic locks. These locks promise better security and protection.

High-Security Door Locks – Keep You Business Secure

Many business owners are diverting towards electronic door locks by replacing their conventional locks. This is the hour of need too to secure your valuable assets and confidential customer data properly. No one wants an unauthorized access to their no-go business area. You can contact our reliable staff in order to install the locks of your choice. Our experts can also recommend you the best locks according to your business place. You can also specify what you need.

By getting the best lock installation service from Locksmith Brighton, you can keep your business and employees secure. Many companies have already got the opportunity of benefiting from our service.

Types Of Door Locks – We Can Handle Them All

There is a wide range of advanced security locks available at our company. You can choose any of them that match your requirements. Here are a few examples of security locks available:


They have locking bolts that rotate when you turn the knob or key without a spring. They are less vulnerable to knives or hand tools due to their innovative locking mechanism that resists physical attacks, hitting, and boredom.

Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks consist of a metal case containing the operating parts set into a mortise cut in the shape of the door shutter. Only the hole for the key is visible from the outside of this hidden lock.

Combination Locks:

Combination locks require a specific sequence of numbers or letters in order to open them. Most combination locks have a dial connected to a spindle. A drive cam and several wheels run through the spindle inside the lock. There is one wheel for every number in a wheel pack, based on how many numbers are there in the combination.

Magnetic Locks:

A magnetic lock is usually used in commercial buildings. A magnetic lock consists of a magnet that can be created by passing an electric current through a wire. Whenever the electrical current is disrupted, the metal wire loses its magnetism. These locks are locked themselves when you release your grip on them.

Electronic Locks:

A lock that operates on electric current is called an electronic lock. There are some electric locks that are stand-alone, and they have a control assembly installed directly on them. These locks are usually used in commercial setups to provide high security and protection for your business.

All of the above explained and many other locks are available at Locksmith Brighton. Contact our lock installation locksmiths to get any of them for the protection of your residential or commercial building.

Master Key System – One Key For all Locks

A master key system provides access to multiple door locks at a time using a single key. Many business owners use these systems in order to provide their employees access to multiple working areas. You can also hire a professional and experienced team for the best installation services by calling us. We have durable, top-quality keys and locks to manage your security needs. We can also repair an already installed master key system within a few minutes only. Residential setups also have these systems installed. If you are planning to install this system at your home, contact our team in Brighton, MA.

Lock Installation – 24 Hour Locksmith Services

Durable and good-quality locks are mandatory to maintain the security of your property. As explained above, many locks are available at our company to facilitate you. If you are planning a security upgradation at the office or have an emergency lock and key service requirement, call our commercial locksmith. Our locksmith near me services is available 24/7. It means we can help you no matter what time it is. Our mobile locksmiths are available at multiple locations in the city with fully loaded vans. Once you contact us, our company will send the nearest locksmith to your location. So, what are you waiting for? Make a call now!

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