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Get a Replacement Transponder Key Made Today

A lot of people who have newer cars have ones that run using a transponder key. It is a special key that you can use to lock your car and start the engine. What makes such a key unique is that it has a special computer inside that determines whether it is the key that can be used to start your car. Having a transponder key is an ideal way to ensure you do not have to worry about someone starting and stealing your car using an off-brand key.

Replacing Transponder Keys

One of the issues for people who have cars that come with transponder keys is replacing the key when it stops working. It is not the same process as replacing a house key, which you can even get done using a key vending machine. It is not as easy when you have a key that has a computer chip inside. That is why you may need the help of Locksmith Brighton MA.

We are here to help our customers in the Brighton, MA area with all their lock and key related needs. Our locksmiths have ample experience when it comes to duplicating or replacing transponder keys; you can be sure we will ensure your new key works flawlessly.

Keeping Spare Keys on Hand

One of the best ways to ensure you are never in danger of being unable to drive your car due to a missing key is to have backups. If you have a single car key that you cannot afford to lose, you are asking for trouble.

When that key is misplaced, stolen or damaged; you would not be able to get inside your car or start the engine. Then you would have to go to a locksmith and hope they can quickly replace your key for you.

Even though we are the number one locksmith in Brighton, MA for doing emergency work, it is better not to be in such a situation. When you come to Locksmith Brighton MA, we will recommend that you get a replacement key made. It is the ideal way to have backups so that you can just take out that key if your regular one is damaged or lost.

These backup transponder keys are not difficult to make. We can get them done for you in a few hours; they will have the computer chip that must communicate with the computer inside your car to start the engine. Moreover, we can handle key replacements for all models, including Acura, Kia, Lexus and Subaru.

We keep the cost of these duplicate keys down as well. It is our privilege to provide the people in Brighton with affordable locksmith services; as we know that no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars to get a few spare keys made for their vehicle.

Emergency Assistance

There is no such thing as an ideal time to lose your car keys. But some situations are more frantic than others. Say you need to run some important errands at night, but you realize your car key is missing. If you have no spare, you need to get a new one made as soon as possible.

We are here to help. Our locksmith services for transponder key replacement are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All it takes is a call to our store and we will send a capable locksmith to your location to assist in the making of a new key.

Range of Locksmith Services

There is no other place you need to go when you need assistance with your locks or keys. We handle automotive key replacement and duplication, along with many other services. Below are the locksmith services we offer in the Brighton area.

  • Car key duplication
  • Transponder key replacement
  • Ignition key creation
  • Replacement Car Keys
  • Emergency lockout assistance
  • Stuck ignition key assistance

No situation is too small or big to trust our locksmiths to handle. Whether you need a single new ignition key, or you need someone who can make duplicate keys for every truck that your business owns, you can trust us to do the job flawlessly and promptly.

A car is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. It gets you to and from work, and helps you run errands with minimal hassle. It is why you will be very stressed if there is any issue with your car key that causes you problems. We make sure those issues are minimal and quickly resolved.

Give us a call if you are having any problems with your car keys, or you need to get duplicates made to keep as backups. Our locksmiths can make your new keys at our store; or we can come to you and make them at your location. The versatility, affordability and reliability of our services means that we are the number one company to trust for all locksmith related needs in Brighton, MA.

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